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Our Manchester Website Development team are a group of individuals who are each specialists in individual practices, but are also highly competent across the board ensuring that every aspect of website development is covered.

Why Website Development?

Web Development is different than that conducted by our Manchester based Web Design team in a number of different ways. For example, web design is having the ability to turn a clients hopes and expectations of their dream website into a first draft image. Whereas our Web Development team have the ability to turn that image of your website, into a fully functioning, all singing, all dancing, live on the World Wide Web website.

Web Development Tools

It’s not just about getting your website live though, as development stems into realms far from that. Such things as booking forms for hotels that use database driven applications to monitor what rooms in your hotel are full, which rooms are empty and on which dates. Development like this simplifies your working day allowing you to work smarter, not harder, and maximise your time.

That’s what really sets Web Development apart from design. The ability to help your businesses in the day to day running of things. Such as developing your website into a stock counter that monitors not only the products you sell during the week on your Ecommerce site, but also what you sell in your physical shop. This way you’re notified of any low stock issues and can make the necessary purchases to prevent an “Out of Stock” problem.


Why Us?

Our Web Development team is based in Manchester which is fast becoming the digital capital of the UK. The BBC have recently moved up to Manchester, along with Media City and the thriving digital companies of the Salford Quays, you can see why us.

But if you’re not convinced about us being in the right place at the right time, you only have to look at our teams past track record of success after success. A great example of our recent website development successes is our “Live Chat” feature that you can see on the right hand side of your screen. Go ahead, give it a try, you’ll be able to speak to one of our Customer Service engineers right away (office hours permitting).

Not only that, our expert team of Manchester Web Developers have extensive know in everything from PHP to JavaScript, CSS3 to HTML5 and everything in between, before and beyond.

So Contact Net66 today for all your Manchester Web Development needs.

Web Development UK

Services_Icon_1Website Development in the UK has boomed ever since websites were first a “thing” to have in business. Since then they have developed from tiny 4 pages websites, to database driven behemoths with scripting on both client side and server side using a variety of different languages enabling the parsing of complicated data in comprehensive scales. Naturally not every one will understand what I’ve just said, just as I wouldn’t understand the complexities of manufacturing lingo, or comprehend the delicacies of Teeth Whitening an dentistry. So I leave this to those who know best.

And at Net66 our Uk Website Development team are the experts in the gobbledegook I’ve just regurgitated. Specialising in not only the most common languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP but also specialising in the more obscure languages that enable us to go further than other companies out there and allow us to create bespoke Web Applications for any of your business needs.

For a great example of Website Development, look no further than Net66’s brand new Client Log in system. Whilst not specifically built intended as a website, it was developed specifically for the web and involves a complex arrangement of HTML, PHP, APIs (Application Programming Interface i.e. connected to another website for information, like a twitter feed) JavaScript and much more. This development has taken a while and if you’re a customer of Net66, you’ll agree this is more than worth the effort.

A more mainstream example of Web Development in the UK is Facebook. Facebook isn’t just a static website where you log in (Log ins are a great example of Web Dev) and browse, think about it. The amount of pages that are there specially for you, say you take a look at a post on your wall and view it on a separate page. That page would not have existed before you created it dynamically by deciding you wanted to view that post in a new page.

Dynamic content is such a useful thing for Web Development purposes, especially if you have a particularly diverse range of products, services and clients. Search Functions are used within websites to dynamically bring you the best results relating to the keywords searched. It simply wouldn’t be feasible to code each individual page of search results to relate to each keyword searched.

So that’s what our UK based team of Web Developers do. They make your life easier by making your website better. This not only allows you to free up time so you can work smarter, not harder, but this can also provide you with avenues down which you could travel to boost profits from your site.

Such as creating an email list that collects the email address of everyone who sends you an enquiry through your website, so that you can send them monthly, fortnightly or even weekly newsletters on the latest going on in in your business and also the latest offers. This differs greatly from purchasing a database of emails from an external company, as collecting email addresses from people who have contact you in the past, this specifically targets users who have already shown an interest in your company. Maximising return on investment.

International Web Development

International Website Development is something not to be taken lightly. When you want to launch an international website, the development that goes behind it needs to be planned down to the very last full stop.

Reason being, if you are launching an international website, you probably already have a following at a national level. Scalability is something that needs to be addressed, much in the same way that you’ve had to scale your website from a regional to a national site, you’re going to have to spend double the amount of time setting up a new scalability program on an international scale.

There are several things to consider when going international. Here’s a few:

> Language. Unless you’re planning a very specific English-speaking-only expansion, you need to think this through. There are a myraid of different translation tools out there at the minute but as with a lot of automated programs, the translation isn’t 100% accurate as words are translated literally. Programs at the moment in time are still unable to grasp the subtle nuances of language.

> Structure. You’re going to need a website for each country you wish to represent yourself in to truly get the best out of International Web Development. You can do this by hosting them each by language off one domain. So your domain.com would be a “Choose a language” page and each choice would lead to a different website such as domain.com/eng for english or domain.com/mt for Maltese. You could also choose to host your English website on domain.co.uk and your Maltese website on domain.com.mt for country specific domains.

> Hosting. This isn’t a big a problem as it used to be. Especially for SEO purposes. When SEO was burgeoning, the location of your hosting server could be a factor in rankings. These days with the use of Google Webmaster Tools you can manually set your target location for each domain you host. But with hosting you do still have to consider how much hosting you will need and whether you should consider cloud storage for this. Remember, it’s all about scalability.

With such a multitude of websites spread across the globe over different time zones, you’re going to want to keep an eye of them at all times. We offer a comprehensive monitoring service where we can manage the administrators, editors and general users of your site to ensure the best possible results for you. And if you ever lose a password or have trouble logging in, our client login system ensure you can raise your issues 24/7.

html-tagIn Manchester Web Design is a buzzing and thriving industry. It’s no wonder the BBC have recently moved to their New home in MediaCity. Manchester is fast becoming the technological capital of the UK and as Web Design is a technology that’s advancing every day, it’s no wonder then that it’s such a popular and competitive industry.


Web Design might seem such a complicated and time intensive activity that involves .html, .php, .css and that’s three different languages without even thinking of JavaScript and Jquery, but by definition a website is simply a collection of files. These files are hosted on a server connected to the public internet that can be located and displayed by typing in a URL. Simple really.


When you put it like that yes. But with the advancements of HTML5, PHP and CSS3 you can get quite a lot of files on one server, just to display a nice looking website. The use of CMS Websites has also increased the complexity of setting up a website with the use of Databases. So whereas at one stage all you needed to know was some HTML and a bit of CSS, to make a ground breaking website these days you need a vast knowledge of languages such as JavaScript, Jquery and much more.


custom2Thankfully, Net66’s Web Design team based in their lair (Web Development Studio) in Manchester are fully competent with all these languages and can craft you the website your business needs.


Not only are our Technicians fluent in languages needed for creating websites, our design studio have that flair, that panache, that Je Ne Sais Quoi that makes a website look as well designed as it is coded.


We’ve been designing and building websites for almost 10 years now and haven’t looked back once. We make sure there’s always room for research and development when we’re implementing new sites. This way we can stay ahead of the curve and ahead of other Web Designers in Manchester. We understand as well that not every client we are commissioned to build a website for requires state of the art, left of centre web design.


macbook-proImagine you were looking to hire a solicitor and their website was pink and black with acute white lines occasionally flashing across the background. A great design yes (subjective to opinion) but not one that a solicitor would approve of. More of a blue and white corporate theme that instils professionalism above all with nice, clean lines that add an air of luxury to the site. Perfect for a solicitor.


So if you want to enquire about what we can do for you by way of Web Design then Get in Touch.


Net66’s Web Design & Development Policies


We offer Website Design and Development, Content Management Systems, E commerce Websites, Template websites and PHP MySql bespoke Internet systems. We also offer hosting services and maintenance services for all of our customers


For any Question you may have please ring our customer Services on 0844 310 0625




Depending on the type and style of website or application the delivery times can vary.
Template websites approximately 5 working days.
E Commerce approximately 10 working days.
Content management systems approximately 10 working days.
Delivery timescales will be discussed and agreed at time of order.




Orders less than £200 to paid in full at time of order.
Orders over £200 and less than £300 can be paid 25% deposit and balance on completion of order.
Orders over £300 to can be paid 25% deposit and balance to be paid by Direct Debit.
Installments to be agreed at time of order.




Websites can be cancelled before completion, any deposit is non refundable
E commerce and CMS Systems can be cancelled before completion, any deposit is non refundable
Bespoke applications can be complex and time consuming and the terms, conditions and pricing and scheduled payments will be agreed on an individual basis before commencement




We will not reveal your details to any third party company.





We host and support all sites we create for the first year free of charge.


For subsequent years there is a charge, currently this is £75.00 per year
We will invoice you 1 month before this is due, and this can be paid by Bank Transfer or Cheque. Price subject to change without notice, and hosting subject to fair use.




We have a service package specially designed for new businesses. Find out more to save money or you can enquire about SEO. Although we are a Web Design Manchester company we develop websites for clients all over the country, including Ireland.


To enquire about any of our services please get in touch or call us on 0844 310 0625

Web Design UK


domain1-whiteWeb Design in the UK is one of the most cutting edge and competitive industries out there. There are Agencies, Companies, Freelancers and many more that are all capable of good Web Design. However the companies that provide truly great web design are not as common.


With the advent of Content Management Systems (CMS) and easy to use and customise themes, web design has become quite easy as long as you’re ready to settle for a template website that’s similar to thousands of websites out there. There is also a market for Free Website templates that allow you to create a free website that utilises a simple user experience making it almost easy to create yourself a website.


However, there is always the displeasure of the poison dart in the raisin tart. Most free templates like this are filled with affiliate advertisements that, once clicked, earn money for the company offering the site. People don’t like being advertised to and this could affect how people view your website with people leaving your site before they’ve had a chance to take it all in.


There are also other companies out there that only permit you to have your website for a year before they start charging, and if you don’t pay then they switch the website off. That’s why when you get a website you should always do this properly.


With Net66 we offer comprehensive Website Design Packages and don’t cut corners. Each website we create is completely bespoke coming complete with hosting, Email addresses, your own domain and a web design consultation so that we can tailor make your website to your specifications down to the last T.


Colours, Layout, Responsive or not, CMS, Images, the lot! You’ll go through your telephone consultation quickly and efficiently, we won’t keep you for long as we know time is money in business. Before you know it you’ll have your first design proof in your inbox for your critique. Not what you wanted? No problem, pick up the phone give us a call to detail the changes you want. We can go through this several times to really fine tune your website to how you want it.


Then, once you’ve approved the design, we’ll code a draft version on our dedicated Sample Site so that you can get a good idea of the look, feel and functionality of how it will look when it’s live.


Then, once all content has been added and you’ve given us the go ahead to get live, our web designers will have your site live before you know it.


We then offer a wide range of customer support including telephone, email and ticketing support.


So to enquire about our UK Web Design, get in touch.

International Web Design


Web design on an international scale is something that requires a fair bit of an investment. There are several things to consider when launching an international website.


> Language Barriers
> Scalability
> Branding


Language Barriers


If you’re serious about International Web Design then you have to make yourself accessible in different languages. There are several ways you can do this. Some of which can be solved with a simple plugin, others require the structuring of several different versions of your website hanging off one domain whilst the third requires a lot of domains all hosting different sites.


First of all if you’re designing a website with a built in Content Management System (CMS) this can sometimes be solved by the installation of a simple plugin. Plugins like this read content on your site and translates it using a free translation tool such as Google’s translate tool. There is a drawback to this however. As content is translated as and when by Google’s automatic translation too, there can be some errors in translation as the subtleties of human language escape even the smartest computer.





If you have a website in several countries, you’re probably not going to be having just a static .html site and if you are, then I admire your optimism. As well as having your site in different languages, it’s important to ensure that your site is scalable and can grow and develop with your business. This is where CMS has the edge over .html sites. Adding pages is easy and with categories being simple to create, any content you add can falls into the right category straight away.


And as your business grows and you develop new products and new services, these products and services can be added as categories from which you can hand all of your new content. You can also group and inter-link batches of content together through the use of tags. So if you have two pages of content, one under category A and the other in category B, you can “Tag” these two pages from different categories with the same keyword. They will then display under example.com/tab/related-keyword.


Perfect for a business that’s going to take over internationally.




Net66 have an outstanding Web Design team who also have years of experience in Logo Design. With the creation of a memorable logo, and a stunning website with colours to match, we can set you well on your way to becoming an international brand.


So if you’re looking for international web design, you’re in the right place.

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