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The overall experience of your website is the special sauce of your business’ SEO strategy. We at Net66 believe in a holistic approach which entails unobtrusive on-site changes, social media campaigns and blogging. Every package is tailor made to suit your business’ needs, whether you’re a plumber in Droylsden or sell heating equipment in the West Midlands. Feel free to discuss your requirements.


With more and more people viewing your website on tablets and smartphones, responsive web design isn’t a passing fad. They form a substantial part of your potential customer base. We at Net66 can create a fully responsive website suitable for all devices and operating systems. Why not talk to us about design options and other features you would like to see on your brand new site? E-Commerce and CMS issues? We can help.


It is easier to find your local business online than it is in the Yellow Pages these days. Since Net66 was formed, there has been greater emphasis on local search engine results on Google, Bing, et al. We can optimise your business’ website by means of localised SEO campaigns such as blogging and social media management. Many customers can find your business via Facebook or Twitter for example, or review sites like Yelp.


The run-up to Christmas 2015 saw a marked increase in online transactions. Any retailer worth its salt, whether online, or as part of a High Street business, needs an online presence. Using trusted e-commerce systems, we at Net66 can create an aesthetically pleasing and robust online shopping site. As standard, your online shop will be designed for smartphones and digital tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers, and easy to update.


Your choice of hosting package can determine the success of your website. Slow server speeds and downtime could see fewer customers. Your server’s backbone determines how many visitors your website can cope with. We at Net66 can offer you hosting packages at competitive prices. We use Apache Linux based servers as standard that are noted for reliability. Over 70% of the world’s websites are hosted on Linux based servers like our sites.


Why not talk to our knowledgeable staff over the telephone (no 0845 or 0870 number rip-offs!) or the live chat facility during office hours. Or you could send us an email and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible. We at Net66 host your site on fully updated and backed up servers and our work is guaranteed. Keeping our customers satisfied, old and new, has been our top priority since our family-run business began in 2004.

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About Net66’s SEO

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation, Search Marketing, or online marketing, has been around since the 1990s and is the process of making your website appealing to both search engines, such as Google and Bing, and also the searchers that use them. It’s one of the many areas a digital marketing agency will cover. While we centre around being an SEO Agency, we do also assist with other areas, such as Social Media Marketing.

By making a website more appealing to searchers and search engines, it has a better chance of your website getting a higher ranking on search engine listings. This can be achieved through the use of keywords, links (the traditional SEO elements), and content, shared on social media. The use of keywords is one of the most well-used methods, however. There’s also an aspect for local businesses, named Local SEO, which helps you be found on Google Maps and for searchers located near you.

Whilst search engines keep the secret of how to make websites appealing to their algorithms quiet, it’s not too hard to figure out what they want. All you have to do is think like a searcher. If the website will meet the requirements of a searcher, your customers will find you easier, meaning you’ll likely find new customers. Even though Google remains tight-lipped on what the exact ingredients of their algorithms are, they’ll provide SEO agencies like us with “little tips”, or as they call them, their guidelines, which helps us to make a website be what they believe their searchers want from a website.

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As with all businesses, there are those that try to use shortcuts and unethical practices. This is often called ‘black hat SEO’ and can involve hiding text in backgrounds and titles, obvious things like keyword stuffing, and using questionable methods of gaining links to the site. These practices are not good for an SEO campaign, and can quickly be identified by search engines. The sites using them are usually given significantly lower rankings, and in extreme cases, an offending site can even be completely removed from the search results. With people using search engines to find businesses so often, it could be a major disaster for your business.

Using an SEO company that employs unethical ‘black hat’ techniques is a completely false economy. You may think you are getting quicker results for less money, but in reality, you are playing with fire. If you get caught using these techniques it will not matter to a search engine whether it was you or an agency you employed that used these techniques. It will be you and only you that will lose your valuable place on a search engine listing. Research by the Kelsey Group shows that 97% of people with internet access research products and services online, meaning your search engine listing is an essential part of your online marketing. Do not risk it with choosing a company that will cut corners, just for a quick ranking boost. It’ll be a short-lived result, which may not even give you any of the benefits white hat SEO brings.

The best and most ethical kind of SEO, the type Net66 carry out here at our HQ in Manchester City Centre, is called ‘white hat SEO.’ White hat SEO is good practice because it is longer lasting and holds no risk of harming the performance of your SEO campaign. It is longer lasting because it complies with Google’s guidelines, and is using content that is written for the readers as much as the search engines. It is relevant and interesting to the reader, as well as easy for the algorithms of search engines, sometimes called robots or spiders, to ‘read’. Many searchers of a specific search term may be generally interested in a subject, rather than wanting a specific service. Content marketing is a very effective method of improving both rankings and site traffic. Content that is interesting will attract the attention of searchers. Posting well-written articles related to the business’s industry will also help to prove the business’s competence. We can provide our clients’ websites with regular, interesting and factually accurate content relating to their industry. Such content can greatly help us to get the best SEO results.

If you are looking for an SEO agency specialising in pure, white hat SEO in Manchester, we are well known for working with the system when it comes to SEO Manchester wide and would be happy to give you as much information and advice as you need on the best and worst ways to optimise your business’s website for search engines.

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